XIII Conference of the Italian Association for the History of Economic Thought (AISPE)


The AISPE invites historians of economic thought, economic historians, economists, and interested scholars to submit proposals for papers and/or sessions on the topics listed below or on others connected with the theme of the conference:

a)    Economists and the First World War (on the occasion of its centenary)
b)    War in the service of economic power: from mercantilism to the historical school
c)    Imperialism
d)    How to pay for war? Economists and the problem of war financing
e)    Pacifism and antimilitarism in economic thought
f)    Military Keynesianism: does war generate growth?
g)    War as planning and economists as experts
h)    Who must produce and how? The theory and practice of war production

The abstracts (max. 500 words) and session proposals (max. 1000 words) must be sent by 30 September 2014 to the AISPE Secretary, Gianfranco Tusset, by e-mail: segretarioaispe@gmail.com

CFP and information concerning the conference will be published on the website: http://aispe.econ.unito.it/