Call for Papers

Hayek et Keynes face à la crise. Analyses et Remèdes.
Hayek, Keynes and the crisis. Analyses and Remedies.

January 22, 2015 – January 24, 2015
Amphithéâtre Vedel, Université Paris-Sud, Faculté Jean Monnet
54 Bd. Desgranges, 92330 Sceaux, France (near Paris)


The controversies between Hayek and Keynes began in 1929 when Hayek, then a Privatdozent at the University of Vienna, gave lectures at the LSE. The opposition appeared in their respective books Prices and Production, Monetary Theory and the Trade Cycle, A Treatise on Money and their comments on these books published in journals. Keynes was in favour of an active monetary and fiscal policy, while Hayek thought that money has to be neutralised in order to respect the natural rate of interest and the structure of capital. The controversies continued about the ways to finance the war and the financial system to be established after the war, but both men agreed about the free enterprise.

After Keynes' death, there was an alliance between neoclassical theory and bastard keynesianism, that has eclipsed the economic thinking of Hayek. But in recent decades the decline of keynesianism has awoken hayekienism.

The object of the conference is the controversies between Hayek and Hayekians on one side and Keynes and Keynesians on the other side. These controversies are numerous and various since the ideas of Keynes and Hayek have varied. E.g. the money of the Treatise is not the money of the chapter 13 of the General Theory and the money of Prices and Production or Monetary Theory and the Trade Cycle is not the money of Denationalisation of Money and that the ideas of Keynesians and Hayekians are even more numerous.

Therefore the scope of the conference is a priori very large. The scientific committee will study every proposition that may refer to the debate Hayek-Keynes: these propositions may refer to theory and methodology, to history, to economic policies, to the 30's, to the problems of the present crisis...

The committee includes Post-Keynenesian and Hayekian colleagues. It will select 12 propositions coming from Keynesians and 12 coming from Hayekians and will group them by subject in order to organize debates between the two schools. We remind that Keynes and Hayek, albeit very opposite in ideas, had very cordial relationships. We hope it will be the same for Keynesians and Hayekians during the conference Important dates:

Paper submission deadline: July 31, 2014 to be sent to and

Communication of Acceptance: August 31, 2014
Final papers due by: October 15, 2014

Registration is free

The papers will be communicated electronically to all participants as soon as possible in order to begin the debate before the conference.
The conference is organized by the Research Centres of the Université Paris-Sud “Collège d'Etudes Interdisciplinaires” and “Réseaux Innovation Territoires et Mondialisation” and sponsored by the International Journal of Political Economy (ed. M. Seccareccia), the Review of Keynesian Economics (ed. T. ¨Palley, L.-P. Rochon and M. Vernengo), the book series “New Directions in Post-Keynesian Economics”, published by Edward Elgar (ed. L.-P. Rochon and S.Rossi), the Association pour le Développement des Etudes Keynésiennes and the
Association Française d'Economie Politique.


Scientific committee:
Riccardo Bellofiore, Universita degli Studi di Bergamo, Italy
Enrico Colombatto, Università di Torino, Italy
François Facchini, RITM, Université Paris-Sud, France
Pierre Garello, CERGAM, Aix Marseille Université, France
Claude Gnos, CEMF, Université de Bourgogne, Dijon, France
Jesus Huerta de Soto, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain
Guido Hülsman, Université d'Angers, France
Louis-Philippe Rochon, IEPI, Laurentian University, Sudbury, Canada
Sergio Rossi, Université de Fribourg, Switzerland
Mario Seccareccia, Unversité d'Ottawa, Canada
George Selgin, University of Georgia, Athens, Greece