17 décembre/December


10h. Richard Sturn(Karl-Franzens Universität, Graz & Graz Schumpeter Centre) : Intellectualism and voluntarism and the theological backgrounds of socio-economic theorizing


Discutant/discussant : Ragip Ege (Université de Strasbourg & BETA)


11h15. Thomas Ruellou (Université de Paris I) : Dugald Stewart and the identity of interests : passions, self-love and the final cause of Providence


Discutant/discussant : Thierry Demals (Université de Lille 1 & CLERSE)


13h30. Keith Tribe (Leigh Sinton, Malvern) : The philosophy of Henry Sidgwick and the late-Victorian liberal reformation


Discutant/discussant : David Andrews (State University of New York at Oswego)


14h45. Daniela Donnini-Macciò (Istituto Tecnico Tecnologico E. Fermi, Ascoli Piceno) : Pigou’s early essays on religion and the nature of the good, 1907-1908


Discutant/discussant : Marion Gaspard (Université Lumière/Lyon 2 & Triangle)


16h. David Andrews (State University of New York at Oswego) : Keynes and Christian Socialism


Discutant/discussant : Jean-Pierre Potier, Triangle (Université Lumière/Lyon 2 & Triangle)



18 décembre/December


10h. Caroline Bauer (Universités de Strasbourg et de Lausanne) : A critique of Max Weber’s Protestant Ethic through Jean Calvin’s ‘duty of lieutenancy’


Discutant/discussant: Philippe Steiner (Université de Paris-Sorbonne & Institut Universitaire de France)


11h15. Maxime Menuet (Université d’Orléans) & Arnaud Orain (Université de Paris VIII & LED) : Jansenism, interest bearing loan and political economy in 19th century France: a reappraisal


Discutant/discussant : Muriel Dal Pont-Legrand (Université de Nice)


13h30. Joost Hengstmengel (Erasmus University Rotterdam) : Calvinist economists in the Netherlands, 19th century


Discutant/discussant : Arnaud Orain (Université de Paris VIII & LED)


14h45. Stefano Solari (Università di Padova) : The Roman Catholic church and liberalism in the Italian context: practical and theoretical “misunderstandings”


Discutant/discussant: Richard Sturn (Karl-Franzens Universität, Graz & Graz Schumpeter Centre)


16h. Daniela Parisi (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore) : On the encyclical letter Laborem Exercens


Discutant/discussant: Gilbert Faccarello (Université Panthéon-Assas, Paris & Triangle).

Adresse: Centre J. Bosco, 14 rue Roger Radisson, 69005 Lyon


Contact : gilbert.faccarello@u-paris2.fr